What is the House Edge Advantage?

The house edge advantage is a common rule in gambling. Basically, the law means that the casino provides games with a higher probability of winning. In these games, the dealer always has an edge. However, the edge does not mean that the dealer will win every single bet. Here are explanations why blackjack dealers always seem to win.

Lack of Understanding the Probabilities Fully

First and foremost, blackjack is a game of probabilities. Secondly, unless you are not counting the cards, you don't have to emphasize the possibilities. That's the basic strategy to play blackjack. Professional blackjack players can confirm this. However, blackjack players have two probabilities only think about. The rest does not matter. These outcomes are:

  • The relationship between players' theoretical returns
  • The likelihood of the next card they get will help them win

Most players tend to think that the house edge predicts the frequency the casino wins. On the contrary, it gives a prediction on the money the casino will keep. Basically, casinos will offer odds less than 1:1 if they feel there is a 50/50 chance of losing. In a blackjack game, the surrounding players do not matter.

The Number of Hands per Hour

As a gambler, the number of hands you play in an hour dictates how much money you lose. In fact, you can play more than 200 hands per hour when playing against the dealer alone. On the other hand, the round takes longer if you are four to five players. Thereby, you end up playing fewer hands.

The hand per hour play is an essential gaming strategy. It means gamblers lose more money in the long term. With this probability, the game pays somewhat less than what the possibilities indicate. Actually, the casino wants gamblers to keep on playing more hands. By doing so, they get more money from the players. It's the casino's strategy.

Using a Betting System

Things could go wrong when using a betting system. For instance, a player could increase their bets if they anticipate the shoe will favour them. Card counters is the name for such players. In addition, some players alternate their chances. Rotating the stakes is not essential. Having a strategy is what matters. However, commonly used betting systems include:

  • 2-1-2 betting system
  • Martingale betting system

Remember, all betting systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Besides, some systems give the dealer an upper hand against the players. For instance, the martingale betting system. Players who use the system double up their bets in case they lose. The objective is to keep up with the dealer. Therefore, such systems should be avoided.

Playing When Not in the Best Condition

Firstly, playing casino games requires one to have a clear mind. The same case applies to blackjack players. In fact, it's advisable to take a good rest before playing any game. Besides, the player's brains must be fresh and functioning in the proper manner. By doing so, you will be making intelligent decisions when playing.

Sometimes you find some gamblers playing when tired. In such scenarios, the gambler is not in the correct mental state to play strategically. Also, the gambler is giving the dealer an advantage over them. So, blackjack players should be fully fit. This includes both mentally and physically. Blackjack players should not play when:

  • They are sick
  • They are drunk
  • When they are tired

Usage of Continuous Shuffling Machines

Lastly, most blackjack players are fond of counting the cards. Counting the cards gives the players an upper hand. However, casinos are now using continuous shuffling machines. By doing so, it makes it harder for a player to count the cards. Also, these machines make the game move faster hence an increase in the number of hands.

The usage of CSM increases the exposure of one's bankroll. So, CSM increases the chances of suffering a loss. This is why most gamblers think blackjack dealers cheat. Furthermore, it's always prudent to check whether a casino uses CSM. Do your research carefully without a hurry. All in all, legit casinos do not practice any form of cheating.